Could you please reccomended system requirement for using SketchUp Seemless smoothly


Could you please recommended system requirement for using SketchUp on Windows cause my customer has too slow with their model that size about 40mb of a building 4 - 5 floor. Customer have a spec as i7 ram32 with SSD GPU Quadro T600? They want to set up a budgets for purchasing a new one In System requirement they have too large specification that they want to use with the high performance with their hardware. Please kindly help us to fix this issue.

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I’m not up-to-date with current performance hardware. But from the specifications you noted, your client’s graphics card might be the issue, and Sketchup needs a fast one for complex models (the fastest you can get).

I won’t be comfortable recommending a specific graphics card, but I would start upgrading that on your client’s system. That should provide a performance boost.

If you can provide some additional info about what your client does with their models, someone else could recommend you a specific graphics card.


I would say that you are not familiar with this topic at all. Is very good graphic card and rest components.


The problem is in the file. It is not particularly big, but something causes delays. On a similar laptop, I sometimes had files over 200 Mb and saw no problems - except for the time the file was saved. I understand that you can’t attach the SKP file?

@beermullet1 You have a very American user name.

Tell your client to open the model, then go to Model Info>Statistics, check the box for show nested components and read the number of edges in the file, or screenshot that window, then send it to us. The size of the file is only one metric that does not necessarily dictate performance, the number of polygons that your computer has to calculate and your graphics card must render has the biggest effect on speed, as well as large textures. There is no hard rule as there are many factors but generally over 1-2 million edges is the upper limit of where we start to see performance issues, depending on computer.

Make sure you client keeps profiles, shadows, fog, any of the graphics pipeline resource intensive styles off while working to increase performance. This is most likely user error, not the system specifications, and not something a new computer would fix.


This is probably right.

The T600 graphics card is mostly meant for 2D CAD. It is still much faster than the one in my ultrabook laptop but somewhat slower than the RTX card in my desktop.
If the system is relatively new, getting new hardware will most probably result in a big disappointment. 3D modelling applications are single threaded so the CPU is always the most critical component, but adding cores and threads does nothing to improve performance. Any ultracool whizbang graphics card above entry level or integrated graphics mostly sits there waiting for instructions from the CPU.


That depends on what you need it for, OP mentioned they want to upgrade and the easiest path for that is the graphics card on their system. I understand the T600 is a good one but is on the bottom of the quadro lineup and if they have a desktop then that card is even below the T600 found in laptops.

As far as I’m concerned, that card won’t work for us and might be the reason is not working for them, until we know what they need it for hard to tell.

If they just have performance issues while working on it, then the advice from @endlessfix and @Anssi is great.

??? Where you find this information???

So now I’m sure you have no idea about the hardware. Laptop cards are always less efficient than desktop versions.

After all, they wrote that the problem probably lies in the file …

I Won’t follow up further about this. But if you do some research you’ll find that the desktop version has less performance for this specific model.

You can find the info here: source

This is the gist:
The Nvidia T600 Desktop GPU is a professional graphics card for workstations that is based on the Turing architecture (TU117 chip). The desktop version only offers 640 of the 1024 cores and therefore also less than the T600 mobile (896 CUDA cores).

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You are wrong. OP wrote about Quadro T600 from 2020y

The T600 scores 6509 points. Still less than half te RTX 2060 score but should be decent for SketchUp use. There are 218 faster models.

And until yesterday this card was suitable for 2D CAD :wink:

Made the same mistake as Norbert. Old head. Just recently someone was talking in another thread about the P620 model that scored something like the model number of points.

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I have been using Quadro family cards for many years and I will appreciate their superiority. Of course not in games. Many people bathe for various tests and assume that one is better because … it displays more flops in The Witcher. Or, he only looks at the number of processors without paying attention to clock speeds, bus bandwidth, etc.