Skp4DPro Extension


I installed skp4DPro extension and I followed the instructions on site (

But, when I try to import the xml file, I got the messagem bellow:


SketchUp: the file could not be imported, please check the file content”.

I tried with the xml files generated by all the compatible softwares indicated by Mr. Rafael Teresa at that site, wich are:

  • GANTT Project;
  • Project Libre and;
  • MS Project (in test period).

I even tried with the examples files from that site.

I checked by new versions of skp4DPro.

Nothing works.

Sombody can tell me what am I doing wrong?

SketchUp Pro 2023
Windows 10 Pro 22H2 64bits

Have you contacted the author of the extension?

Your SKP needs to be saved before you start importing. Did you save the file?

Yes, Colin.

Yes, but I haven’t an answer yet.

I answered your mail. Please check the mail I sent. I’ll try to find the error while loading the xml file with thosee instructions.

Hello, Mr. Rafael Teresa.

Yes. I received you email and I did the procedures and answered that email with the information after that procedures.

Received. I sent you a beta extension to test if the problem is solved.

Issue resolved and extension updated in Sketchucation. Extension store version has also been submitted, but is pending approval.

Thank you.

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