Dxf file fails to import

I’m attempting to import a file in dxf format and it keeps failing to import. I can’t understand why. Any help would be appreciated.

How do you know you failing to import it?
What error message are you getting?
How are you trying to import it? What settings do you have? At what scale?

I get a basic error message saying failed to import. importing directly through skp

Are you using the latest maintenance release of SketchUp?
Is your SketchUp correctly installed?
What import unit are you using? Is it the same as used in the DXF?
Is the geometry in the DXF located far from the origin? Are you trying to import to original coordinates?
What version of AutoCad does the file come from?
Can you post the file?

Ive just figured it out! the original file had some area of colour and so wasn’t converting well into dxf. I reduced the saturation and changed the contrast on the original image, got a better conversion that then imported. No error message