Skp4d Pro - Sketchup Bim 4D extension

I have developed a new extension called Skp4d Pro that allows you to import a professional schedule from Microsoft Project, Gantt Project or Project Libre and attach imported tasks to your model in order to use Sketchup as a BIM 4D software.

Here is the extension and some models with xml shedules to test.


Happy to see that your extension got through in the end!

Hmm, thinking about it, maybe it didn’t get through… Well, at least there is a link for people to get the extension.

Thanks @colin . While I was waiting for the previous extension aproval, I developed a lot of functions more so I named it as Pro version. Today I uploaded the “pro” version but it’s again denied. I don’t know how I can explain to the tester why it’s no t working. You only need to open a new project and save it with any name in order to be able to write data from an xml file. Can you share that information to them?