Skp2osm imports flat models

Does anyone have experience with this plugin?:

It allegedly imports 3D buildings from Open Street Map resources. I only managed to import flat meshes, even from areas where 3D buildings are available. I checked this fact with other services.
This video covers the extension capabilities:

I don’t have any experience with that but it may be that the buildings require the pro SketchUp version? the video shows the Pro version of SketchUp being used.

I use Pro 2020 version.
The plugin is a couple of years old and may no longer be fully compatible.
Still looking for an answer, though. It’s a big deal to me. I think, for many architects.

You might contact the developer of this plugin, in the meantime, you could use the cadmapper option or go for Placemaker.

Please correct your profile. It says you are using 2017 Make.


Doesn’t seem to work with 2021 Pro. I suspect it needs to be updated. Anyone else managed to get it to work for 2021?

You might want to ask on the OSM forum and see what they have to say. According to the Wiki page and the GitHub page it hasn’t been updated since 2011 so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

This old plugin was written prior to SU2013, the SketchupExtension class and it’s easily installable RBZ archives, and the establishment of the Extension Warehouse.

So it was written for old Ruby 1.8.x, it has some old versions of Ruby Standard Libraries enclosed as well as some gems, but is also trying to load RubyGems itself and then install other gems. In addition it’s files have non-standard indentation and incorrect module encapsulation (for a shared environment like SketchUp’s) making an overhaul time consuming.

And so it cannot benefit from Ruby 2.x, it’s Standard Library and RubyGems being distributed with SU2014 and higher. (Ruby 2.x is when Unicode string and path support begins for SketchUp on the Windows platform.)

Basically, it is a large complicated codebase that would be a major overhaul job.

And, for the record in regard to the original issue in this thread (flat models),
… the following fork of skp2osm implemented building heights (9 years ago) …

Used to work in SU 2019…used it several times. But now it doesn’t…doesn’t surprise me really. I guess you get what you pay for…lol. OSM is okay for roads & other transport paths but not much use in Australia for buildings. Back to the old rotated rectangle & pulling up buildings from Landscape Snapshot.