Skp2osm imports flat models

Does anyone have experience with this plugin?:

It allegedly imports 3D buildings from Open Street Map resources. I only managed to import flat meshes, even from areas where 3D buildings are available. I checked this fact with other services.
This video covers the extension capabilities:

I don’t have any experience with that but it may be that the buildings require the pro SketchUp version? the video shows the Pro version of SketchUp being used.

I use Pro 2020 version.
The plugin is a couple of years old and may no longer be fully compatible.
Still looking for an answer, though. It’s a big deal to me. I think, for many architects.

You might contact the developer of this plugin, in the meantime, you could use the cadmapper option or go for Placemaker.

Please correct your profile. It says you are using 2017 Make.