Possible to import 3D buildings from Google Maps / other source, into SKP?

Let’s say I need to visualize how a new building would look like on a street in a town.

I have the 3D model of the building from the architect. So that’s not an issue.

My question is - is there a way to import the actual buildings (that currently exist on the street) into Sketchup, so then I can also drop in the new model & see how it looks?

It can’t be random buildings from the Warehouse. It has to be the actual houses on the actual street.

Yes, I could re-draw every house & apply their textures (facades) manually. But that will take forever.

I’m OK with buying some paid plugins & whatnot, if that saves a lot of time.

Any advice?

Check if there is the desired data for the area you are interested in - 3D Mesh Cities for SketchUp (not available in Revit) - SketchUp PlaceMaker