Download 3D Buildings from Bing (not in 3D warehouse)

I need to model an existing hospital. 3D Warehouse does not currently have the hospital built. When I search the hospital in Bing Maps and go to Aerial view, I can see that there is a 3d model.
Does anyone know how to download their 3D model into either AutoCAD or SketchUp? I also have access to Microstation. Thank you -

Try Google Earth, which uses Collada, which SketchUp can easily import. Bing appears to use 3DVia 3D Models with Virtual Earth-3DVia | Maps Blog

Send me a private message where this is and I’ll try to find it.

p.s. - you can use Photo Textures to map the outside of the building very quickly if there’s Street View imagery around the hospital.

Great - thanks for the quick response! I’m trying google earth right now. Also - I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to send a private response.

thanks again-

Probably start with this article on Geomodeling in SketchUp - To what level of detail do they want you to model this?

My goal is to take the existing 3d building information available in google earth, import it into sketchup, and then field verify the information. I will be creating an accurate (+_1%) building when all is said and done. It would make my process faster if I had an approximation to work with and then field verify from there.