SketchOSM by PlaceMaker Released on Extension Warehouse

SketchOSM is a plugin for SketchUp that lets you create 3D buildings parametrically for adding site context to your model. Buildings created with SketchOSM can then be shared with the world by publishing directly to OpenStreetMap (OSM), an enormous database of freely accessible and editable geo-information used by millions.


  • Compatible with SketchUp 2017+ Make or Pro (Windows Only)
  • Geo-location tool
  • Geo-locate your model and import a satellite image from DigitalGlobe as a reference for tracing buildings
  • Import OSM road centerlines and show existing OSM 3D Buildings for reference
  • Create Simple OSM 3D Buildings
  • Create Multi-Part Complex (Relation) Buildings
  • Parametric tools to edit new buildings
  • Height Tool
  • Roof shape (gable, hip, round, skillion, onion, dome, round, pyramid)
  • Roof Height
  • Building Color
  • Roof Color
  • Edit Building Outline
  • Minimum Building Height
  • Copy Attributes (tags) from one building to another

Basic Usage:

  • Geo-locate your model to select the location you want to create buildings. For best imagery resolution, zoom in to the max level before importing.
  • Use SketchUp built-in tools to trace faces over top of building outlines
  • Open the SketchOSM Dialog (login to OSM first)
  • Select a building outline face and click the ‘Create Buildings’ button
  • Select the new building ‘group’ and adjust the building attributes using settings in the dialog
  • Upload buildings to OSM if desired using the upload button in the dialog.

Please check out our FAQ here and watch the videos above before posting feedback:



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