Convert two 3d model to sketchup


I have two 3D model files in STP and I need help in placing them in various layouts like living room, school environment, office environment,can anyone help me convert these models to be used in sketchup
I am totally new to this

Best to take your email off the forum or bots will harvest it for who know what use, click the pencil under your post to edit it. Can you post the two files onto a file sharing service for us to have a look at?

Thanks for the tip the link to download the files is:

Got em. Standby, I might have a few questions.

Your profile is correct, you use skup pro 2020?

I can import them coarse or fine, fine makes for bigger files but smoother curves. These are relatively small files so i’m going with fine for best quality.

SketchUp Trial is the one I have

Ok, if you just got it then it’s 2020.

STP imported files are inherently tessellated (triangulated with facets even in coplanar faces) You will only see this if you turn on hidden geometry or try make changes to the surfaces. If you are only placing them for visualization this should work fine. The import files are large so it might make your SKP model run slower than normal depending on your graphics card.

Here you go, open these to see if they work.

I just sent u a request to grant permission

My apologies, I goofed the permissions. Try this link.