STL file load problems

I am a student who has created a model on my sketchup and I need to convert it to an STL file so that I can 3D print it at my school but it will not load. Is this a problem that other people have had? If so any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

• download the SKP file from to your local system
download and install SketchUp Make version (free for non-commercial use)
• install the SketchUp STL im-/export filter by “Window > Extension Warehouse”
• export to STL at “File > Export STL…”
• check with a STL viewer as the Netfabb trial (reduced functionality after trial period) or free ‘MiniMagics’ or free ‘EasyViewStl’.

You may want check and improve your model before exporting to STL with the free SU plugin ‘CleanUp³’ and - if recommendable because ‘watertight’ solids used - the plugin ‘Solid Inspector²’.

to clarify… Are you sayin “my SketchUp” as in, the copy of SketchUp that you have installed? Or are you saying my.sketchup, as in

If you are using installed software, then @sketch3d_de Has you covered. If you are using my.sketchup, then you can try uploading the file to 3d Warehouse and click the “Make printable” button, then download an .STL file after it is processed.

I was referring to the my.sketchup app. The only problem is that I have already tried putting it in 3D warehouse to then download the STL file but it will not load to allow me to download the file. Any suggestions?

Can you post a link to the file on 3D Warehouse?

This should be the link.

Don’t think that app will convert to stl like you are trying. Download as skp file, then export as stl file after you install the extension for that. You can get it in the extension warehouse. By the way there is a nested instance in you model you need to correct before you can make it solid.
Opps just repeated what sketch3d_de told you above Sorry:grimacing:

The model has a some extra edges in the curved ends…

if you delete those and create a group it then has a volume and ban be converted to an STL…


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