Exporting 3D model for use with other 3D programs

Hello All! Bare with me, I don’t even know if I’m posting this right.

So I’ve been using SketchUp Free to model some simple props to use in Adobe Dimension. I’m downloading the finished prop as an STL and importing it into Dimension and it works great.
I’ve now moved on to more complicated product designs that have a lot of parts and pieces, different materials, and colors. No matter how I separate the parts and pieces in Sketchup, when I download then import into Adobe Dimension, it shows up all as one object, so I can only add one material or color to the whole thing. Is there a way around this? So far my only fix has been creating each piece individually in SketchUp and assembling the product in Dimension. I very much don’t like it.

I’m hoping somebody can help!

Can you share a .skp file of the sort you are working with?

CIM.skp (233.5 KB)

From the nature of the .stl file you would need to export each component individually. If you were using SketchUp Pro you could export only a selected component instead of exporting the whole thing or having to create individual files.

How do you use the file you create in Adobe Dimension that requires the individual parts?

I need to add different materials to each piece. It sounds like the best option is to upgrade.

Maybe. If this is part of your work you would need to be using Pro or Shop anyway. Shop doesn’t currently allow you to export only the selection either, though.

I noticed there are a lot more export formats to choose from in the Pro version. Do you think maybe one of them might get me what I’m looking for?

I’m not sure what other types of exports can go to Adobe Dimension but it would be worth finding out.

A quick look at the list includes .skp files, though. You could import the SketchUp model directly. I guess I’ve known that from the last 3D Basecamp but had forgotten.

I’ve tried importing .skp files into Dimension and it gives me an error saying it can’t be successfully imported.

I wonder why that is. You could try .fbx or .obj. Those two are also on the list.

Cool thank you. I’ll give it a try!

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It’s probably the SU version causing the problem. I just tested a current 2021 SU file and it doesn’t work BUT when I save it back to a SU19 version it comes in Adobe Dimension. Give that a try as well.

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Thank you, I’ll mess around with it.

You guys have been great help!

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.SKP 2019 imported and there’s a folder with all the separate parts!

Thanks so much!

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