Need a file converted to FBX

I have a sketch file that I need converted so I can use it in unity. I don’t have a need for pro so I can’t export it myself. Would anyone be willing to export this with the textures to fbx please? I would really appreciate it.

Preferably without the ground image.

What is your intended end usage?
I take it this isn’t your model, just one you have found in the warehouse.
And you have little to no experience with Sketchup.
So, just to be clear, you want someone to use their Pro license to convert someone else’s model into a format that you can use?
Have I got that right?

My intended usage is that I am making a “game” (personal use, no publishing…) learning unity.

Yes I just found it in the warehouse. (I assume its free for my purpose, since they posted it there and it’s not for sale)

I have experience with Sketchup, I just don’t have a need for pro.

Yes I am asking for a favor, so I don’t need to pay $700.

You can import .skp files (version 2015) directly into Unity.
Take a look at this documentation.

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Not sure if there are cheaper way or even free one to do that, this is the first thing I found looking for how to export from skp to fbx, a plugin. I guess it should work on SketchUP Make (free version), I think it’s about 70$, if you’re interested ask if it will work with SU Make before paying.

If you’re going to use it often you maybe want to considere it.

Autodesk make an FBX converter. It can convert DAE that you can export from Make, to FBX:

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Thank you for pointing this out to me. I had to save the file back to sketch 2013 for unity to be able to import it. Thanks again.

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