From Sketchup to Unity, big graphic differences

Hi there, well, i am a beginner in Unity and SketchUp, i watched somed Videos how to export my Sketchup Files to Unity, and i did it in the exact same way (also i clicked on the options in 3D Exporter before i save the file and enabled/disabled some things).

So, here we have the Unity and the Sketchup look:

Is it a Unity Problem or a SketchUp Problem, and how can i fix it?

Looking forward for some help.

Export your model as FBX, and be careful about the setting “Export two-sided faces” (min 1:44): Import Google Sketchup Models Properly into Unity 3D - YouTube

Hey, that didn’t solve the Problem. Still exactly the same Problem. Doesn’t matter if the file is called FBX or .Dae. I also tested both variantes of FBX. With- and without two sided faces.

Any other solutions ?

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