How to convert a Binary file to ASCII file

I’m a novice SketchUp user and I created a small .skp project for a class assignment. My goal is to bring it into Unity, but there seems to be some issue pertaining to how the file is coded. It appears to be coded in Binary, but I think that it needs to be changed to ASCII.

If anyone can take a look at the link below and give me some help, then I would be super appreciative.


SketchUp’s native .skp format is a proprietary binary, there is no ASCII equivalent. SketchUp Pro can export various other formats that are ASCII, such as dxf and collada (.dae). Review what Unity can import and export a compatible format from SketchUp (I’m not a Unity user, so I don’t know what will work).

Please read this
Explains how to do this…
You should be able to import the SKP into Unity directly - it does the conversion internally…

Thanks for replying!

Ok, so I exported my .skp file to a .fbx file, and brought it into my assets folder in Unity, but I think that there is something wrong with the file itself. Nothing appears in Unity (except those red, yellow, and blue directional arrows) when I import the model. I tried zooming in to see if the object is really small or really big, but there is literally nothing to look at in Unity.

Is it possible that you could please try looking at the .skp file that I attached to that link and see if there is anything wrong with it? I ran out of my free trial with SketchUp and I don’t plan on using it again after this spring semester is over.

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Perhaps part of the problem comes from the reversed faces? And maybe the excessive amount of unused stuff in the model is causing problems.
Screenshot - 4_3_2020 , 12_16_37 PM

Purging the unused stuff reduces the file size by about 68%.

Thanks for the reply!

Ok, so how do I fix that problem? How do I fix the reversed faces problem and purge unused stuff (I’m a complete novice to SketchUp)


First change the face style to Monochrome so you can see the incorrectly oriented faces. Then right click on them and choose Reverse Faces. To clear the unused stuff go to Window>Model Info>Statistics and hit Purge Unued.

Might be a good idea to start with a simpler model so you can learn the basics. Also go through the fundamentals here: