Problem Importing 'Large' Sketch up file into Unity - Textures/Materials

First of all for some information the exported .obj file says it’s 17,000 KB

I’m trying to get my sketch up file from sketch up into unity. It’s working except for the textures and materials not importing (and less importantly groups I’ve made are getting split into two separate groups but the textures are much more important right now)

I have all the textures and materials in a folder… is there a way to import it so it’ll just map all onto the model??

I’m very confused on what to do I can’t find anyone else having this problem, thank you!

I used to have similar problems, but I figured it out after following this tutorial. Basically, it says to export the SketchUp model (.dae format) into a new folder. Then drag in the folder containing the model and textures file.

A few years ago Unity directly supported .skp files, and before that, Collada files. How do either of those get on?

I do have Unity, if you have an example SketchUp file I can try, I can tell you how I get on with it.

Thank you! First of all.

Now the problem is though that it shows up as solid colors and doesn’t show texture? Did this happen to you?

Capture Capture1

I couldn’t seem to upload .skp files directly? Collada half worked, the colors are showing up but the textures aren’t showing up…
Here’s my .skp file: (Edit: It’s not showing up? It’s also too big to upload to 3d warehouse…)

I found this very useful discussion:

One of the posters said they got good results by exporting Collada with materials, then taking the materials folder and the .skp file into Unity.

I am updating to Unity 19 at the moment, I’ll try that when it’s done. In the meantime, my first tests showed that Collada worked well, but that Unity 18 doesn’t seem to support SketchUp 2019 files. I did a Save As to 2013 to get past that problem.

I’m on Unity 19 now, and tried the .skp + Collada materials idea. It mostly worked. One of the textures seemed not to hook up, but I was able to go into the mesh renderer and set the problem material to look at the right texture file.

Only now do I see that Forestr was already suggesting this approach!

One question though, going via .skp or Collada make sense for non-Pro users. As you have Pro, did you try using FBX as the export format? That’s what I’ve used the most.

Ok I got it to work! Thank you! I exported in fbx using the 2018 version of Sketchup and put it in a folder with the Collada materials and then put the folder into Unity.

Got it to work. Thank you!

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