Question About Importing Models To Unity

Hi, I would like to know, if I create a model using Sketchup, such as a room made out of a single cube, and then I import that model into Unity, would the object in Unity be only one object, or would it be a combination of objects?

Like if I make a wall with a window in Unity I have to make four parts to it, the parts to either side of the window, and the parts above and below the window and then I would have to link those together using a blank object as the parent.

So if I used Sketchup to make a hole in the wall and then imported it, would it be one object or the same as if I had made it in Unity? Kinda considering Sketchup as a way to lower the number of objects I will need to use…

5 days and not a single answer, not really a good example of what the support for Sketchup is like.

This is mainly community driven forum about Sketchup. I don’t think it would be mandatory for everyone to have a Unity.
Someone might catch your question and might answer later.
Until that why and what prevents you create this objects in the free SU web app and try it yourself?

Probably the fact that the free version blocks you from exporting to anything except pictures or the format that Sketchup uses so you can only import it back into Sketchup.

I know that not everyone has Unity, but there is a greater chance of someone on here having Unity than there is of someone on Unity forums having Sketchup.

And I am aware it is mostly community driven, but seeing as whether I buy Sketchup or not depends on the answer to this question, I would have thought that someone would pay a bit more attention to their forums. And you should know that the more time passes the further down a forum list a thread gets, so the chances of it being seen and answered decrease over time.

I don’t know anything about Unity but I understand that the free version of SketchUp can export to STL and Collada (DAE) in addition to the SketchUp format. You should study the Unity documentation for the formats that it can import.

I exported a wall (a single group) from SketchUp Make 2017 in two formats: DAE, respectively OBJ, and imported in Unity as Assets

I know what file types Unity can import, however when you try to import something made in Sketchup Free Unity gives an error saying that it doesn’t have permission to import it. Meaning that Sketchup adds something to the file that blocks it from being imported.

STL downloads as Certificate Trust List and Unity wont even open it when I try to import it and it just gives an error if I drag and drop it into Unity. And any form of cloud based exporting, which includes Collada, FBX, OBJ and others will only pop up a notice to upgrade to a paid version.

Thank you, that seems to have actually answered my question. From your video the OBJ seems to do what I want while the DAE seems to make it into parts for some reason.

I was one of the people that encouraged Unity to add SketchUp support, but they are a bit behind now. It would be worth trying a download as 2017, and see if that does better.

I do use Unity, and did a test. A 2020 file failed but a 2017 file worked. It may give you something better than OBJ would. But, if you have access to the different exporters, FBX is one that Unity handles well.

Yeah, I was using the web version because its the only free option. It can’t export files to anything other than itself I guess so I had to ask here because I couldn’t test it myself without buying the program, and buying it would be pointless if it wouldn’t work for what I wanted.

Sketchup seems to be easy enough to use, I have tried Blender but its very difficult for me to use it since it requires key commands to do something like adding a vertex and immediately links to the cursor.

As I was saying, if you do Download and not Export, you can download a 2017 format file. That should import into Unity ok.

Ahh ok, I tried download before and the skp file it downloaded would not work in Unity. That worked though, and seems to be all one object rather than a group. Though I couldn’t test it because for some reason my Unity decided it didn’t have standard assets…

The SketchUp Make 2017 is still available for download from the SketchUp download pages. It is the latest free desktop version.

Hmm the only problem with it is that I can pass through it, I guess I have to add a collider to it, but just adding a single one to the whole thing makes me unable to walk through the hollow part of the object so I guess I will have to figure out how to do that correctly.

When you select the model in the Unity scene, the inspector panel has a Generate Colliders option. Try that.

Also, it’s worth plopping down a Unity cube, those a 1 meter. You’ll quickly see if the SketchUp seems to be the right size. The inspector panel has a scaling value, changing that will make the model be the right size. For example, if it seems small it could be that you’re working in inches and Unity is expecting centimeters. Try setting that value to 2.54.

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Yeah I was actually about to reply that I found that, it was turned off. When that was selected it worked properly, though I will have to mess around with the size a bit when I try it for real because the door opening I made was a bit too small for the 1st person character model to go through.

Thanks, now that I know it works I can actually start using it.