Export to Non-ASCII FBX

I made a 3d model and I exported it to FBX, so I could work with it in blender, but whenever I try to import it it says FBX ASCII isn’t supported. Is there a way to change the type of FBX export? I’ve also tried to export it as an obj, but if I do that the model apears as one complete object, so I can’t work with the different materials and faces.
I also tried to export it as a Collada file but it has some errors as shown in the image.
Sorry if these may be really dumb problems, I’m new with sketchup.
I also added the SKP file in case it can be useful.

Lavabo1.skp (150.6 KB)

Read this about FBX:

It’s funny that we’ve had a few FBX related questions in the last couple of days!

Here is another solution for you. This Autodesk FBX converter can take in SketchUp export FBX files and give you a binary FBX file that imports ok into Blender.