Not being able to export?

Hi, I am having an issue where I cannot export in any of the 3 major 3D object files. I want to export in .FBX so that I can import it into Unity, but whenever I try, it prompts me to upgrade. I think it is kind of extortive if I need to upgrade just to export my model in a universal accepted format. And, it does not make it clear in any way as to what level of SketchUp I need to purchase just to export my model. Is this an issue? Or is this supposed to happen? And if so, what SketchUp do I need to purchase? I don’t want to buy a better SketchUp, because the free version works just fine.

Heck, I can’t even export as a .obj file!

You just said it didn’t. The free web version doesn’t include those export options. If you want them you need to upgrade to SketchUp Shop.

Aw, then you’re right, I take that back. Is there at least a way to convert .SKP to .FBX somehow? I didn’t think my options would be so limited…

Maybe you could use Blender to convert.

To be frank, this statement rings of entitlement.


Like it sounds rude? I can take it back? But back to subject, what is Blender?

What sounds rude?

You can take what back?

Blender is another 3D modeling program.

The comment you said about how my statement rings of entitlement. and I meant taking that statement back. And does Blender require download or money?

Export as Collada, which Unity can import. Or use the Autodesk FBX Converter to make the Collada be FBX:

By the way, Unity can also import SKP files, but hasn’t been updated lately. Try downloading a 2017 SKP, and see if Unity can import that.

Thank you colin, but unfortunately I cannot export as Collada without paying $119.99 for SketchUp Shop.

Good point. Try the download as 2017 SKP option.

How is that different from 2021 SKP?

I have SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018, SketchUp style builder, and LayOut, all installed on my computer, but I never got a license for them.

I was wondering, does 2017 SKP have the ability to import into Unity? Is that what you meant?

The file format in 2021 is different, but that’s not the bigger problem. Unity haven’t updated their SketchUp support lately, so a 2019 or 2020 file may fail as well.

I just tested importing into Unity, and a 2020 file failed, but 2019 file worked ok. So, make sure to download the SKP as 2019 or earlier.

Thanks. But my character also needs animation, and I want to use Adobe’s Mixamo. But they only accept FBX, OBJ, or ZIP. What would I do?

Oh, and what Unity version did you test?

I have Unity 2018.3.0f2

There are online converters, like this one:

It can convert to OBJ or FBX, though it does seem to do that very slowly.

Unity has supported SKP for a long time, it should work in the 2018 version.

One thing to think ahead to, if you end up making something with Unity that earns you any income, you would then have been due to get one of the commercial versions of SketchUp. If that is what will happen, you could pay the $119 or $299 now (for the desktop version), and save some trouble making FBX files.