Export FBX in binary (not only ASCII)

i work with fbx files (or i wish i could work with sketchup too)

currently the only way to export .fbx format is via fbx ascii - which is not supported by important 3d software like Blender, but fbx binary is working okay. Problem is that Sketchup does not have this option when exporting the model.

could this be implemented?

(if i you can suggest me where i should wright to developers of sketchup in order that they could see my request, please do tell me). thanks!

AutoDesk make an FBX Converter [SDK].

There’s a compiled available exe here:
With this you will be able to convert FBX into other file formats, including ASCII to binary, OBJ etc ? [drop-down list of export formats]

it works! thank you!
though I did’t find the option to export to obj

Hey, has a binary version of this been created yet? I’m trying to import something into Blender and the obj isn’t working out so well. I was recommended to try fbx instead