Sketch OSM

Does anyone own an installer file for the SketchOSM plugin? It was free, but it’s no longer available for download. If you have, please share.
Here’s an overview:

I just downloaded it from here: It hasn’t been updated for many years and may not work in the later versions of SketchUp.

Maybe take a look at this as an alternative.

The one from mind sight studios is just what I want, but it’s no longer downloadable. Skp2osm is a different plugin.

Oops! I missed that SketchOSM is no longer available. I see according the site it’s because it’s not compatible with the later SketchUp versions. I guess you might be out of luck for getting it since Mindsight Studios would be the legitimate distributor for it.

Yaaas, I just asked them to share the installer. Hope they don’t mind.

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