Can't find my model in Sketchup Pro 2020

Hello everyone. I have been looking around for the problem, I try some of the suggestionsI have been seen but nothing work :frowning: I’m working in a model on sketchup2020 and it is plug in Openstudio 3.0.1. The problem is I can see the model in Openstudio and I can’t see in Sketchup. Note: I have been save the model as .osm
Any advice is very welcome!

P.S: from the record from inspector you can clear see that the building exists

Model in .txt: Model.V4.txt (6.7 MB)

How about sharing the .skp file with us so we can see what you are working with?

Dear @DaveR thank you for replying. Unfortunately I have exported the file as .osm from the start of the drawing and when I try it to export as .skp it can’t be open. I don’t know if there is any other way to export it right :confused: ?!
I have been uploaded to drive: Peiramatozwo.V4.osm - Google Drive

In SketchUp just use File>Save and you’ll get a .skp file. That’s SketchUp’s normal file extension.

Untitled.skp (163.9 KB)

The only thing in that SketchUp model is Laura, the scale figure included in the template and a whole lot of colors. It appears you’ve deleted Laura from the model space. There isn’t a single mote of geometry in the entire model space so nothing to find.

Dear @DaveR, I know this because I started to drawing and save the model using the extension of Openstudio. If you see the print screen above you will see the extension up in the lest of the screen above of the main toolbar. I have select to draw and save my model as .osm . If you have add the extension of Openstudio from the warehouse it will can be open the file that I send above as .txt after change the format as .osm.
I hope I could help you understand how I work :slight_smile: