Elements in model dissapear creating a model to export to Openstudio

Hello. I was working in a sketchup model for creating a openstudio model. First, I uploaded a 2D dwg file to create spaces using the openstudio sketchup plugin. During the process of creating spaces, windows, doors, I was saving the model with differente names using “save a copy as”. Everything was ok. However, when I want to open a previous models it show the model but then a warning appears saying: “Removing previously linked Openstudio content” and all the model is gone.
I hope that someone has a clue about this. I appreciate any comment.
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How are you using Open Studio with SketchUp for Schools? That’s a web based version for school children.

Have you contacted the OpenStudio folks?

Hi Dave, It was a mistake in the Sketchup version, I should write 2023. I have a version as a professor for a university institution, not for a k-12 school. I am triying to change this option but I haven’t found where I could do that. Sorry about that.
I haven’t contacted OpenStudio folks. I think It was my mistake not saving the model as a osm model, and I did something that caused a failure in the plugin and I think it unlinked the previous osm model and it was gone. I will redraw my model or I’ll contact OpenStudio. Thank you for your answer

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Did you save it as a .skp file? I wouldn’t expect that you’d have to redraw it. Just reopen it.

I don’t know if OpenStudio has been supporting their extension. Last time I check was probably a year ago but I recall they hadn’t given it any love for some time.

Good luck.

Yes, everytime I was advancing in the model I was saving a skp file with a different name. After the issue, I tried to open each one of them but the message was the same, saying that the OpenStudio content was removed. This is the reason I think I should’ve saved also the model as a osm model using the plugin. I seems that for one reason the openstudio content created was gone and I didn’t have a copy of that

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It’s done. Thank you for your reply

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