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Please help how to solve this error while opening a saved object

This warning is related to an extension that is used,
Open Studio.

Here is a link to documentation:

I do not use this extension, so I am not sure, but what this message tells me is that if you proceed, you will link another model to your current Open Studio ‘workset’ but you can however restore the original located at specified location.

This message is not specific SketchUp, so you might have more feedback when posting a new thread in the extensions category.

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when i open my model so this error popup comes and when i OK or cancel that popup my whole object disappears
so then how this problem can be solved

Did you read the OpenStudio troubleshooting pages linked by @MikeWayzovski ?

Your house.osm file is clearly missing, and throwing the error.
Have you searched your computer for that file ?
You might have accidentally moved it, or not copied across with the SKP ??
Also you might have accidentally renamed it - so do you have any ‘orphaned’ OSM files with your SKP ?
Or a file name ‘house…’ with an odd filetype extension ?

If you read the details OpenStudio has ways of purging problems…

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