SKP Export Issue

When I export a .SKP model as a 2D image (.JPEG, .PNG, .TIFF), the files contains all kinds of small black squares or pixels – images are completely unacceptable.


I am using SU Pro 2017 on a brand new 15" MacBook Pro - 2017.

This kind of thing has been reported previously and is related to the graphics card. Which version of SketchUp 2017 are you running?

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OK. So the latest rev of 2017. Have you checked for updates for the OS? Even though it’s a new computer, it’s unlikely it came out of the box with the latest updates from Apple.

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I am unable to upgrade to OS ‘High Sierra’ which is the newest…?

Why not? I have a 5-year-old MBP that is running High Sierra 10.13.1 just fine… 17.3.116 was specifically released to fix some compatibility issues with High Sierra.

I’m not sure whether that would fix the black blobs issue, though.

I’ll keep trying and if that is a potential fix, I will make it happen! THANX.

A brand new MBP and you can’t upgrade? as @slbaumgartner asked, why not?

It may not fix the graphics issue but it might because there are surely newer drivers packed with the newer OS. I don’t think there’s much you can do with graphics drivers on Macs like you can with PCs.

Do you see the same thing in LayOut?

Yes! That is really where the problem resides. When I bring a ‘clean’ .SKP model in from SketchUp, the image is all muxed up and pixelated – unusable…!

Are you sure you can’t upgrade to High Sierra?

Sounds like I better make that happen! I have been to the App Store many times and have downloaded ‘High Sierra’, but it will not load! Frustrating.

Maybe a trip to your local Mac Store would be in order.

Bingo! Let you know on that one. THANX.

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I’m skeptical that a MacOS upgrade will fix this.

Does it look like someone sprinkled the image with pepper? Could you do a screen capture of what it looks like to you on screen?

I’ve had problems in the past with SU raster output after being input to PowerCADD in the past, and that’s what it looked like. Trying to remember if there was a definitive resolution.

Robert. Your description is accurate. I will try to send you an image in the morning. Thank you for your note.


I found an example of mine from just over a year ago.
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Looks like white pepper among the black fan blades. In this picture, only the image of the equipment came from SU; the back ground picture is another layer in Photoshop. I thought this was a PowerCADD problem at the time. The image after Photoshop and before placement in PC looks like this:

Where are you seeing it show up, like in what application?

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