Exporting Issue

when I try to export a 2d image (jpeg) from my skp file, the model seems all blackor like this in the picture (not in sketchup)… i dont have any plugin other than 1001 bit tools…Untitled

everything is working very good in sketchup… only exporting is not working!

This looks like an issue handling a material/texture. That could be an issue with your graphics compatibility, but as I have never heard of a graphics card 2222 I can’t tell. Could you please update your forum profile with correct information?

Also, if you can upload the model that shows this problem, others can check to see whether they reproduce the issue - proving it is either a bug or peculiarity of the model vs an issue with your hardware compatibility.

How can i find my graphic card number??
as for the issue i m asking for, it’s the same for all my models… all of them are black when exporting

edit: image

so to update my post, my graphics card is Intel® HD Graphics Family

There are many different models of the Intel HD graphics circuit that is embedded in your main processor. Some of the older ones are downright incompatible with newer versions of SketchUp. What you should do is to go to the Intel website and look for an updated driver to your version of the chip.

so if i download an old version of sketchup, so that i work on 2018, then save it for the 2013 version, i can export easily??

It would make more sense to do what Anssi suggested and try updating the graphics drivers on your computer and see if that fixes the problem.

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how to upgrade? online?

Search for Intel graphics driver updates.

It sounds to me as if your best bet might be to find someone locally who is knowledgeable about computers and get their help so you don’t make things worse.

If that really is the latest version of the driver for your graphics card, it’s time for a new computer and new graphics card.

that’s not the best solution i think :roll_eyes:
specially that everything is working really good on skp, cad, revit,… only exporting from skp is impossible :open_mouth:

Windows is not necessarily reporting the availability of new drivers correctly. That is why you should go looking for it from the Intel website. 7 years is quite an age for a driver. If support was really discontinued 7 years ago, I would agree with Dave. If your computer is a desktop, you might consider fitting in a discrete Nvidia-based graphics card. Any model will perform better than your current one, even the cheapest. Laptops usually cannot be retrofitted with a graphics card.

It’s a laptop, i must check the website…
But if this was not a graphics card problem, what could it be?

It’s most likely a graphics card problem. We’ve seen this sort of thing before.

This kind of display artifacts also tend to appear when your model’s extents are very large (many kilometers or more) but as this happens with all your models I would attribute it to the graphics driver.

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