Skp 2016 files not recognized by Sketchup Mob View in IOS 10 - extention truncated by Google Drive

new to community, so Hello to everybody.
Just given SMV as a gift from Santa today :wink:
I was not able to open skp file from SKP2016 version.
I can’t open it as attachement from mail - no option to use SMV.
I can’t see open it in SMV even from DropBox - it doesn’t see it on DropBox.
I saved the project as SKP 2015 and it started to work, via mail attachment and from Dropbox.
Strange… any suggestions?

I have found, that after import files to DropBox, the extentions where truncated. When I rename file to abcd.skp, SMV start to see them on DB and open them regardless the 2015/2016 format.

I was exporting files from Google Drive to Drop Box and sending them via mail. It looks like Google Drive mobile app (IOS) truncates file’s extentions, so files are not rocognazible any more.
After renaming - it is ok.

Maybe someone else will have the same problem, so it looks like solved to me. MLooks like GoogleDrive app problem not DropBox nor SMV.