Mobile viewer can't open the files

I buy en install the mobile viewer.
I verify the accounts, also dropbox.
I exported 2 files to Dropbox .skb and .skp
But the viewer don’t see the sketchup files in Dropbox
Can anyone give me a tip?

See this page in the SketchUp Mobile Viewer User Guide:
Accessing Your Models in SketchUp Mobile Viewer

… and scroll down to the section labeled:

Opening a SketchUp File That’s Attached to an Email (and/or opening SketchUp files directly from any other app, e.g. the Google Drive app)

Hi @Suiker,

I would recommend following @DanRathbun suggestion as a starting point. I would also recommend editing your post and removing your email address. As this is a public forum (and anyone can see it), we cannot guarantee it’s safety!

The problem is solved!
I thought the models in Dropbox were .skb and .skp.
But the models had only the extension .skb
With extension .skp it works!
But I see no dimensions in the models
Is that not possible?

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Refer to other topic threads on that in this (SketchUp Mobile Viewer) category, OR the two subordinate categories (iOS and Android viewers.)

ADD: A search for previously posted topic threads on “Dimensions”: