Opening skb files?

What’s with the mobile viewer not being able to open my skb files???

It looks like I can only open models from the Sketchup store. Please confirm or let me know if I’m missing something here. I don’t want to download things from the Sketchup store every single time I want to demo something, I will ask a refund if that’s the case.

I don’t use the mobile viewer, but I understand that this is the case.

SKB, by the way, is the SketchUp model backup file type. The actual models have the SKP extension.


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The SketchUp Mobile Viewer is exactly that, but due to the complexity of the SketchUp models it will only display models which have already been processed in the 3D Warehouse. Note that the 3D Warehouse is not a “store” but actually a storage repository. The intent is that you upload models that you’ve created to the 3D Warehouse (which you can keep private if you wish) and then log into the SketchUp Mobile Viewer with your login data so that you can easily download your models to your tablet for sharing with clients.

Secondary to the 3D Warehouse discussion, please be sure you’re only using SKP files as the SKB is a backup file and if you use that as your edited file type you are going to get erratic and undesired results in your backups if you ever need them. My recommendation is to NEVER associate the SKB file extension with SketchUp directly.

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Here is the help article pertaining to the SketchUp Mobile Viewer -

Note that you have multiple options to store your models from which the SMV can pull from.

3DWarehouse ( public or private)

Once the model is pulled from one of these services, it is stored on your device for use without a connection.


I used to be able to open the SKP files on my tablet, stored on the SD card, but now it doesn’t work. Not sure what happened??