Mobile app

I have been sent 3 x .skp files and i can’t open then on my phone. Sketch up does not find the files on my downloads when i search. When i try and open from the file in download it wants to seach playstore for an app. I have tried uninstalling and reinstall and checked file association. The files work great on my laptop with free viewer, any help would be appreciated.

I tested with a file from 3D Warehouse. Make sure the app is updated so that you can download open later format SketchUp models. Then do these steps:

  1. From the Home Screen, touch the cloud icon in the upper right.
  2. From the options, touch Files On Device.
  3. If you see that it says Recent in the upper left, touch that to see other options, and choose Downloads.

You should see all of the files in the downloads folder. Use the icon in the upper right to switch to list view, that should make it easier to find the .skp files. Touch the file you want to open.