Accessing files from mobile or SketchUp viewer

I can no longer access files in Dropbox from the viewer app on IOS. Dropbox just does not show up as an option in the files anymore. Most annoying.
Any ideas?

Use Trimble Connect or 3Dwarehouse, dropbox support has dropped.

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I’ve just discovered that it is possible to export the SKP file directly from Dropbox to SketchUp as opposed to importing directly through SketchUp.

When did this happen? I don’t remember any notification about it, or anything on the forum either, until I saw this.

Is it just iOS that’s affected, or Android SU Viewer too?

The answers is here

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Thanks. Just about to go out for the evening, but will try tomorrow or Saturday.

I think this is no longer the case. See above re export from dropbox rather than the other way around. I didn’t see any notification of Dropbox being dropped either.

I still have access to Dropbox from Sketchup Viewer. But I haven’t updated the app since Christmas. Now I dare not install the update.