Dropbox No longer listed in Cloud locations

Since the last update I can no longer access files on Dropbox in Sketchup Viewer 4.0 (245)

I have tried login out and in again in the accounts section but I still don’t get the option to access my files. I’ve looked in File on Device and I can see Dropbox but the files are all shadowed so I can open them.

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Is Dropbox checked in the account? I had to log out and back in the dropbox app itself for it to show up in the Files on this device section of the cloud…

Same problem here. I-phone app worked well since 2017 but now Dropbox does not appear on drop down Cloud list. Tried reinstalling SketchUp viewer, logging out of Dropbox and in again through Sketchup viewer and Dropbox apps. Any suggested work around to get files on my phone?

You’re right, it is a bit different. Assuming you have the Dropbox app installed, here are the steps.

  1. Click on the little cloud in the upper right corner of SketchUp Viewer 4
  2. Select on “Files on Device”
  3. You should see, under “Locations” on the left, an entry for Dropbox if not, you might see a “switch” to activate access to Dropbox.

Let me know if that helps.


Thanks Guz - that works for me!
Apologies for taking so long to get back on this


Hello, thanks for the tip.
But it would be better to go back to the previous way. Because if opening a file contained in Dropbox requires a user manual, it is that the function is implemented in a really twisted way.