Dropbox not working with iOS 11

I installed iOS 11 on my iPhone 6 and now dropbox doesn’t work

I have the latest dropbox app on the phone and this happily sees my files

But when I open the dropbox viewer inside SketchUp Viewer I see the drop box synching screen and then nothing. Just a blank white screen. No files are shown.

If I search for a file I know is there it shows up.

Strange behaviour

Yes I’ve had this problem too. I haven’t seen much development on the SketchUp Viewer lately though, I’m afraid it might not be actively developed - most of the messages around here are 2yrs old.

I’ve had a problem with the thumbnails not showing up and that’s a few years old problem that was never addressed.

Have you checked your filter settings to make sure that both models and folders are showing? Or just switching to view only models if you don’t have any folders in your Dropbox account?

If you’re still having trouble, can you let me know which version of the Viewer app you’re using? It will help us dig into this issue further.

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