[URGENT Feature request] iOS 11 Files.app integration


June ‘17 - iOS 11 was announced, developer preview released.
September ‘17 - iOS 11 was released.

May ‘18 - NO iOS 11 File support in SketchUp Viewer YET.


Why does it always take so long to make things simpler?


Was it announced by Apple that they will update SketchUp Viewer to make use of some new feature? Did SketchUp announce to integrate with every new feature of some OS until a certain dead-line?

That said, this [whatever it is] is probably good for productivity and it would make a nice feature request. Maybe you can add a link to a site that explains this specific new iOS11 feature and how it will make it simpler to work with SketchUp files.

Only with a feature request, developers are aware of that there is something desirable, and can prioritize and start working on it.


Well, you know what, the lastest SketchUp Viewer (minor) update was released 6 months ago. The app is always in a nearly vegetative state.

Believe me, every iOS developer knows what iOS 11 Files integration is, there’s no need of a link on the forum.

Of course this is a desperate feature request, I’ve just updated the title. :slight_smile:


I suspect you will be disappointed if you expect that the SketchUp team will release a new version of the software, incorporating your request, in the timeframe that you want. Best to plan for the case where the feature remains unavailable in the short term.


No, don’t worry :slight_smile:, I’m just letting them know that updates are simply needed, I’m not expecting anything soon