Can’t get past SketchUp 2021 welcome page

When I attempt to open a file in SketchUp 2021, the welcome to sketch-up pop-up appears and I can’t get any further. If I click File, everything (open, open recent etc) is all blanked out.

I have restarted my computer. I have re-downloaded Sketch-up. Issue still remains. Is anyone else having this issue / does anyone have a solution? Thanks!

iOS is for iPad. SketchUp 2021 Pro won’t run on iPad. SketchUp 2021 does not support the latest Mac OS so that could be the problem. Try rolling back to an earlier OS version. Do you have a subscription license?

Apologies - that part of my post was copied from another post regarding this issue. I am using a Mac.

I am using a trial at the minute (normally use revit but needed to edit a 2021 SketchUp file briefly).

No matter. Try SketchUp 2023 instead. It might work although it doesn’t officially support the latest OS either. Otherwise roll the OS back to a supported version.

FWIW, the trial version is for evaluation of SketchUp, not for actual work. Paragraph 2.6

I don’t know the reason for the blank welcome screen, but there is a setting you can change to make it not appear. Unfortunately, you would need to get into SketchUp in order to change that setting.

You can manually edit the setting. In Finder, choose Go to Folder… from the Go menu. Paste in this path (this is for 2021, if you’re using 2023 change that part):

~Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/PrivatePreferences.json

Open the file that gets selected in a text editor. TextEdit would do. Look at the end of the file, it will end with three braces, like this:


Click after the first of those three, and paste in this text (make sure to have selected the comma):

        "WelcomeDialog": {
            "ShowOnStartup": false

Save that file, and try opening the document again.

If there is already an entry for “WelcomeDialog”, edit it to say false instead of true.

Hi, thanks for your response.

I’ve just tried this and unfortunately the welcome to SketchUp window still appears.

Could you reply with a copy of that file? I can fix any errors in it, and you could replace your file.

Hi Colin,

It’s not an issue with the file itself, it’s an issue with the SketchUp 2021 program - I can’t even open a new document.



Wasn’t that the Login window instead of the Welcome to SketchUp screen, based on the small “Add Classic License” text? I understand that popup blockers can cause the login puttons to remain invisible.

No, I’m already logged in (see profile icon with green tick in the top right corner). I’ve looked into pop-up blockers and nothing seems to be interfering.

Same problem for 1 week.
I’ve checked everything : GPU driver update, ad block, uninstall, re-install… trouble stays.
Finally I just opened Lay Out. It worked. And then Sketchup Pro worked again.