Impossible to start using SketchupPro 2020

Hello, I just downloaded Sketchup 2020 (on Mac OS10.14). I can log in Trimble but then I don’t see any option to start to work on sketchup. Could you please help me ? Here is the page I get. Thanks a lot!!

Why are you trying to install 2020? Where did you get it? It hasn’t been available on the SketchUp site for several years. It hasn’t been supported for awhile either.

Your profile says you have a SketchUp Go subscription. That would entitle you to use SketchUp Go in your web browser and SketchUp for iPad. It wouldn’t include any Desktop version though.

Thank you DaveR for reaching out.
I have one macbook pro 2014 with OS 10.14 Mojave and one ipad pro.
I started running Sketchup go on my ipad but I need to download 2 specific extensions/plugins to be able to import some work (made on magicplan).
Since plugins are not available on ipad, nor on Sketchup make 2018 (which I had on on my macbook), I downloaded Sketchup pro 2020 (also 2021) on my macbook. I found the file on Downloads files .
After installing the program and connecting to my trimble account, I got that blank page I mentioned in my previous post.
Thank you for your support!

Thank you very much Ateliernab.
I understood in the meantime that “Not available N.” was just my actual name and surname on Trimble, which I did update in the meantime.
Thanks again.

  • sorry I meant sketchup make 2017

As I wrote earlier, SketchUp 2020 hasn’t been supported for a long time. The Extension and 3D Warehouse interfaces no longer work.

You can’t purchase a license to use SketchUp 2020 anymore either. You could install SketchUp 2024 and use it for a few days under the trial but you’ll need to get a subscription to Pro if you need to continue using extensions. Presumably since you need the extension you are referring to, you are using SketchUp in your work.

Thank you for your answer. The situation is now clear. I’m afraid I cant install Sketchup 2024 with OS Mojave on my computer. Is there any way extensions/plugins will be available on ipad soon with Sketchup go? Thank you

I have no information on that but I certainly wouldn’t be holding my breath. I expect that it’s probably getting to the time when you should be upgrading your infrastructure which happens to all of us from time to time.

That’s right.
Thank you for the support.

Delete the “web cache” folder

Search the forum and you’ll find instructions