Welcome Screen Blank

After installing SketchUp Pro 2020 I am unable to use the application as I am unable to progress past the Welcome screen. I have repaired and reinstalled the application as well as updated my graphic driver and .net but I am still getting the blank welcome screen and I am not able to license the app.

Try to set the default browser in Windows to another then you have right now.
You might try to repair the installation, as well.
(Rightclick on the installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’, when prompted, choose repair)

Thanks Mike for the reply.
I have changed the default browser to Chrome, Mozilla and IE as well as performed the repair option and restarted the device between swapping browsers and the issue still persists.
I have even verified that the issue occurs on other profiles on the device.

Something on your system seems to be blocking it. Perhaps antivirus or firewall.