Unable to Log in to Sketchup Pro 20

I am unable to start SketchUp Pro 2020.

I have downloaded SketchUp Pro to my computer.
I open SketchUp Pro and get the “Welcome!” screen directing me to “Sign In”

I click Sign in, Copy the hyperlink from IE to Chrome, paste and press enter
Sign in with my Trimble account and password
I then get “Sorry, we’re not sure what your final destination is.

If you were trying to sign in to the SketchUp Desktop Application… return to that application to continue signing in”

I go back to the application, all it says is to “Launch Browser Again”

I have tried MS Edge browser as well. I have cleared the cookies from Chrome, as advised on the help section, but still no luck.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled, I have spoken to Trimble (very helpful people) and my account is okay, so the trouble is on the Sketchup side.

On my account, it shows in my Plan Settings that I have SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan.
But under My Products all that is showing is SketchUp Free (Which I haven’t used- I went straight to Pro.)

I hope that someone can help me out.



Are you able to set your default browser to Chrome or Edge, rather than copy a link from IE?

I tested it, and having IE as the default browser, and copying the URL to Chrome, can successfully sign you out, but then when you try to sign in, it fails. So, do make sure Chrome or Edge are your default browser.

Hi Colin,

Thank you, that has worked for the first part.

Now, under My Products I have Sketchup Free and SketchUp Studio Trial, but not SketchUp Pro which is showing on my Plan settings.

So, when I open SketchUp I am told I have 30 days left in TRIAL.

Any ideas on this one?

In the left of the page, below your profile, look to see if there is a menu to choose from. If like me you have one that says Personal, and there is a second one to choose, try the second one.


Thanks. As below, I don’t have a Personal like your screen shot.


I have assigned the 1 seat I have for the membership to myself, and still Pro is not showing on My Products. (Thought it was worth a go.)

Any other ideas???

Thanks for your help. I am keen to get into using the program.

With what email address did you order?
It must be the same.
Try opening an incognito or private tab and go to sketchup.com and try to log in with that email address.

I asked James for screenshots, and Pro does show in My Products, and there is a trial ends message inside SketchUp. But, looking at the dates, I think that the trial that is ending is the 30 day Studio trial. After that ends the Pro subscription will still be active.

Hi Colin,

Great, thank you.

Until I assigned the seat to myself, Pro did not show on my products.

Thanks for confirming that after the trial it will flick over to the paid subscription.

The Manage License screen should be showing your subscription as Active. If that showed Trial it would be a problem.