SketchUp Pro can’t sign in

I am new to SketchUp and just received access to my SketchUp Pro account for Teachers/Instructors. I downloaded the app to my laptop and can sign in to SketchUp from my browser. However, when I try to open the app after clicking on sign in nothing happens. I’ve tried this on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge & none work. How do I sign in.

Have you installed SketchUp 2020 yet? If so, did you install it correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and choosing Run as administrator? If so, have you tried signing into your account in the SketchUp welcome screen under Subscription?

I’ve done all of that except the last step. I’ll try signing in on the welcome screen now.

If that doesn’t work I’m sure @colin will have further advice.

Ya that didn’t work. When I click on the Sign In tab it just changes and says Launch Browser Again.

I finally got it working. I ended up having to use FireFox as my browser.

Maybe update Chrome? At least you’re in.