Unable to sign in to Sketchup Pro

I have a 30 day trial and went to open a skp file. SketchupPro welcome window opens saying complete sign in process with option to press “Launch Browser Again”. When do so, nothing happens. I went back to account and it has all my info and trial is underway… yet cannot get past “Singing In” screen. Please advise

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I still could use some help accessing the free trial on my iMac. Presently, I can only use on iPad. The software tells me I need to buy a subscription to open the program on my iMac.


Closing and reopening SketchUp should give you a fresh start for signing in. If you click on Sign In, and nothing happens other than the Launch Browser Again button stays showing, there’s something wrong with the browser you have set as default. Try either Safari or Chrome.

When I press “Launch Browser Again”, nothing happens. Looking at my Applications folder screenshot (Attached below), I am selecting SketchUp.app

I you open System Preferences, and look in General, what is set for Default web browser?

Hi, Colin:

Default browser is set for Safari, associated with macOS Monterey version 12.3.1. Just removed and reinstalled all SketchUp apps. The attachment opens up after select sign-in… only to do nothing when I select “Launch Browser Again”.

This has been extremely frustrating to do trial with Pro on iMac. In other words, I created some basic files on iPad and have not been able to use desktop for my business

Hi, Colin:

Just tried to relaunch changing from Safari to Chrome. Same issue when pressing Launch Browser again.

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You’re never supposed to need to click the launch browser again button. It would stay visible if the browser didn’t come to the foreground.

Could you close Safari or Chrome, then try the sign in. Check to see if the browser was opened in the background, or didn’t open at all. If the browser doesn’t open at all that suggests you have system security settings that prevent SketchUp from opening your browser. If the browser does open, bring it to the foreground and see if you are at the sign in page.

Are you on a network that has an Intranet? That aside, does anything change if you’re on another network, even a phone hotspot?


Logged off. Closed both Safari and Chrome. Logged in. Asked me to access products. Never chance to open files…. on download. I did so again. Dragged to application folder. Reopened… and same thing all over again.

Not on intranet. One person. One computer.

What security settings should be checked?

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