I am trying to sign in in Sketchup. But it won't open in launch browser. What can I do?

I’am trying to sign in in Sketchup. But it won’t open en launch browser. There is no browser that pops up.
Don’t know what else to do… Can someone help me? :slight_smile:

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Try updating to a higher number than 1 for your graphics or operating system.
For now, we don’t even know what Operating system you’re currently on.

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Exact same problem here: I’m not able to sign in today. I’m using the latest SketchUp Pro 2022 version on Windows 10. Please help, thanks.

I am using sketchup pro 2022 on Imac.

Hi @BJsusan

Please try to clear you login_session.dat and try to Sign In again.
You can find instructions in this article: https://support.sketchup.com/s/article/Log-in-errors

Let me know if that works.


Hi Aris,

Thanks for your help.

I can’t get to the application part. Can’t find how to get to this tool.

The problem is I am already logged out of S

ketchup and can’t log in.

Hi @BJsusan

You do not need to have SketchUp open to clear the login_session.dat file.
Did you follow the instructions in the article? Please see below (make sure you hold the Option key for the “Library” menu to appear:

For Mac

  • Please try the following steps exactly as described.
  • Close all instances of SketchUp and LayOut by right clicking on their icons in the dock, and clicking “Quit”. Failure to complete this step will prevent these steps from working
  • Go to your desktop, you should see “Finder” and “Go” in the top left menu bar
  • Click on “Go” Then hold the Option key and “Library” should appear in the list. Click “Library”
  • Navigate to Application Support > SketchUp 2022
  • Locate and delete the “login_session.dat” file
  • Restart SketchUp and log back in

Please confirm that you followed the steps above and let me know if that worked.


Sorry I had an mac error… couldn’t found the right map.

The instructions worked! THANK YOU!

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