Sketchup presenting empty login screen

Running the trial version sketchup. Created some stuff and the day after tried to open my last work again. But opening my saved file just presented an empty login screen.

No error message nothing. This is really ■■■■ and I’m already done with this. If even the easiest thing to reopen saved work is not always possible why should you ever trust this ■■■■.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp 2017 and implies you are using SketchUp Make (Free Plan), a version that hasn’t been supported for more than six years.

Did you install it correctly? On Windows that requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator.

If you installed SketchUp 2017 Make recently, where did you get it. There is no officially supported source.

You should need to be logging in to SketchUp 2017 Make anyway.

If you are using the SketchUp 2023 7 day trial version, and when you come to sign in the right side of the sign in page is blank, check to see if you are using any ad blockers. Those can prevent the sign in fields from appearing on that page.

If it’s something else, can you show a screenshot of the blank page you’re seeing, including the URL of the page?