Skewing a 3D object

I have this foil-like structure and I’m trying to find a way of shrinking the upper surface both in length and width towards the right side thereby changing the form. I’ve tried scaling but it doesn’t work (I think). How do I do it?


Scaling should work fine if you select just the top face and its edges.

Share the .skp file so we can help you more easily.

Click the top face and click the scale tool, you can scale it in different ways using the modifier keys.

You might then need to split the face in 2 and then scale one half of it to just affect the right side.

Here’s the .skp file. The skin should be formed to fit over the fin frame on the right.
test.skp (433.6 KB)

While waiting for a reply I solveed myself. It was simple, select just the upper face and scale it. Thanks anyway.


Then you didn’t read this :

And this:

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