Skew or stretch a 3D object along an angle?


I downloaded this balcony railing from the 3D warehouse, and I really like it, but there is no matching railing for the stairs. I wish I could just, you know, squish/stretch it, take it by the sides, keep one side stationary, shift one side directly upwards, keeping it a perfect parallelogram, and viola, I have a stair railing. (The swirly iron part is what I’m most interested in, the handrail on top is easy enough to replicate.) The Rotate tool description says “rotate, stretch, copy, etc.”, which makes me think it can do this, but I can’t figure it out.

Is there a different built-in tool that I should be using? Or an extension?




I’d give Fredo6’s Fredoscale Planar shearing a try.



OK, thanks, I’ll try that.



Yes, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do! Only with a 3D object, I hope it does that as well! I’ll find out, anyway.

Thanks again!



It isn’t very thick but my example is a 3D object.



Oh sorry my bad, it looked like 2D… :grimacing:



OK, I installed it… but I don’t know where the SU plugins root directory is on Windows? People who write installation instructions always seem to forget that Windows downloads ALWAYS default to the stupid “Downloads” directory… so it’s up to the user to put the files wherever… I usually end up making arbitrary decisions, or like just now, I just left the files in there, until I noticed I’m supposed to verify the folder structure… uh-oh. :persevere:
The extension menu shows up in SU, though, so maybe it’s fine???



How did you install it? The correct way, if you downloaded the file to your computer, would be to open SketchUp, go to Window>Extension Manager and click on Install Extension. Then navigate to the Downloads folder, select the downloaded extension file and click Open followed by OK. Or use the sketchucation Extension Store tool or the Extension Warehouse to download and install it automatically to the correct directory.

You don’t need or want the downloaded file in the Plugins directory.

The SketchUp folks made it so you don’t even need to care where the right directory is. Just let SketchUp install the extension and it’ll do the right thing. It won’t

about where the files go.

If it’s properly installed, FredoScale will appear in the Tools menu under Fredo6 Collection.



Oh yeah I guess because I had never used Fredo before, I had to sign up with SketchUcation, it took me out of the extension store into my regular browser. I guess I should have gone back into the extension store. My fault.

NEVER MIND, I’m complaining for no reason again! Sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:



You could also get FredoScale from the Extension Warehouse. Go to Window>Extension Warehouse and search for Fredoscale. Click the red Install button. Bang! It’s installed.

Make sure you also get the supporting LibFredo6 files installed as directed on the Warehouse page.



That’s what I did! But when you click on LibFredo6, which I had to do first, it opened up in my regular browser, and from there I went off doing stuff outside of SU. Does that happen when you click there? Does it open your browser or does it stay in SU?

Anyway, look! :smiley:



Yes. It does go to Sketchucation. If you install the Sketchucation Extension Store you can use it to install extensions from Sketchucation without going through the download and Install Extension malarkey. It’ll also help you keep extensions you get from Sketchucation up to date.

Good work on the rail.



Thanks! Thanks for all your help again!!! :sunglasses:

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