Help with some 3d design

hello all,
I’m a new user on skatchup and I’m trying to make a 3D object that will fold and unfold, but the shape of it is too complicated to my skills.
It’s basically a square that need to fold into another spuare that is quarter of it size.
now the hard part is (if you will look at the scatch below) the lines marked A & B should rise up and touch each other, and the corners marked C & D should touch each other as well.
the square marked 1 is the bottom one and the square marked 2 is the upper one.

I hope i was able to explain my self properly.

I added a video that should explain it better.

unfold.avi (2.6 MB)

I really hope someone can help me.

The easiest way to model this is to use simple faces and not try to add any thickness to the paper. Using two squares and four triangles, you can rotate them into place. It’s worth noting that the angle between the two square faces is the same angle as the one between the adjacent triangular faces. This simplifies the construction (i.e., rotate the square 45 degrees, for example, then rotate one triangle 45 degrees, then rotate both triangles to connect to the corner of the square.

origami.skp (38.0 KB)


hi thanks for the response.
I will try it this way, I actually figured out a way, I rotated only the square and one triangle and drew the middle triangle in every posision with the line tool.
I guess it’s much faster your way.
so thanks again, and have a great day