Creating folded rectangular shapes


Hands up I’m a skechup novice. But I’m trying to recreate a structure I made from a rectangular piece of card which I folded up randomly and then expanded out. I’ll attach some images of what I mean. I’m finding it hard to reproduce. Any thoughts to help me? Sorry for lack of detail.


Draw the desired crease lines across your rectangle.
Select any number of adjacend faces and then apply the ‘Rotate’ tool on that selection. Position (and first click) on the crease line to get the faces rotated (folded). When first clicking, do not let go of the left mouse button, but drag the ‘Rotate’ tool along the edge that represents the crease line, to set the rotation axis. Then let go of the Lmouse button. Then second click (starting point of rotation) and third click (end of rotation). You can now even enter a rotation angle (degrees) and hit [Enter] to establish a fixed rotation.


Here’s a moving version of what @g.h.hubers has written.


That is brilliant - thank you very much both of you. So helpful. Would the principle be the same if I made the initial rectangle 3D If I gave it a depth of 100mm?


Whatever you selects rotates about whichever axis you’ve set up by dragging the ‘Rotate’ tool. But since SketchUp’s geometry is sticky, you may get undesired deformation of geometry in 3D. Just try it out to see what the tool does with various selections.


There are many ways to do things in sketchup, knowing the correct one for the job really depends on the result you are after and your level of experience.
Another option is to use the Follow Me tool, something like this.
Another would be to fold a single face then use Joint push pull to give it thickness. Or to make it with thickness then use Radial Bend to bend and fold it.
Lots of options.


Thanks again for helping - you’ve saved me days of frustration.


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