Fold along a line not on X Y or Z axis

I´m new to this and do not really know what to expect from a free program that so far has been great.
I have made a flat image of a sheet of metal that I´m about to cut out. To simplify understandiing I decided to fold the project together as well and most of the angles worked. The problem occurs when the fold is not on either axis. The two areas marked with red arrows are supposed to be folded 90 degrees as the one red sketch.
Also when I´m at it, is there an easy way to choose which axis to fold along? I need to rotate the model in diferent angles to make the three different coloured meassuring thingis to change.
Also can I ad material thicknes without using push/pull tool?
I realize the question might be confusing but am happy to clarify if needed.

myntinlopp vikt.stl (1.7 KB)

Best Regards Magnus

Select the part you wish to fold, then get the rotate tool and click and drag along the fold edge to set the axis of rotation, then click to rotate.
It’s harder to explain than it is to do.

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Drag along the axis is the trick :smile: I have tried to mark start and end of the line wich resulted in many strange shapes.
Thank you!

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