Problem with Box folding

I am having a problem with my object deforming as I attempt to fold it up, when using rotate tool Sketchup will scale one of the sides of my object causing it to deform.

Does anyone know of a way to prevent this?

I’m not sure that I understand your question, so it would help if you provide more info. An image or a model uploaded here would help a lot.

As a guess, do you mean that a rectangle “twists” as shown in the following animation when you rotate one edge? If so, you need to select the face and all its edges (via double-click on the face) before you apply the rotate tool.

Not sure I understand either. Something like this?

With the rotate tool click & hold on the start of the fold line.
Then drag the mouse to the end of the fold line.
Then release mouse to define fold axis.

Click (don’t drag) the point at which you want to “pick-up” whatever you’re rotating.
Click again to release the thing you’re rotating where you want it.

dont select the edge double on the surface and select the full rectangle and then rotate on any axis or u can group the rectangle and then rotate on red axis. If u select the edge line that will fold ur rectangle