Rotation Problem


I have managed to make all the folds for a prototype except the last 90 degree bend. The two parts that have 90 degree bends are touching so when I make the last bend it distorts the plane. Is there some way to mimic the two tabs being disconnected (like a slit or slot) or would it be better to do just one half of the symmetrical object and then patch them together?

Jerrynormandnewtab.skp (90.8 KB)


If you group each section of the folds you wont have the distortion issue.


I’m afraid that your explanation is somewhat unclear…
Do you hope to end up with this ?


Pretty sure he or she just wants to fold the tab to the left of your image 90 degrees counterclockwise


But that’s nothing like he starts with or as I understood his explanation !
Like this ?

Not withstanding any other surface rotations…

If you rotated one tab why can’t you rotate the other ??


I believe that is the end goal.

I think the issue that they were experiencing had to do with the intersecting faces when the plane was rotated 90 degrees (shown below). I could be wrong however.


As far as I can see there are no shared ‘seams’ which produce your zoomed in screenshot after some rotations about them ??
Can you show the original form with some distinctly colored faces RGB, then a copy with those rotations, similarly colored…

I find everything about this thread confusing - perhaps the dementia is kicking in…:wink:



That is the correct configuration that I want for the tabs, but when I perform the other bends first (as shown in the upload),
then the second 90 degree tab bend causes distortion in the plane. Should I perform the 90 degree tab bends first and then the other two bends? Thank you all for helping this naive newbie.

BTW I am using my wife’s computer and email (jan), but I am Jerry. Sorry for the confusion. I use Ubuntu on my computer so sketchup does not work on it.



Select the ‘flap’ you face that you want to ‘bend’.
Activate the Rotate tool.
Click on the edge about which you want to rotate that face.
Hold down the cursor and drag along the edge picked.
The rotation ‘gizmo’ aligns itself to align to that edge,
Click on the ‘flap’ face to start an inference, now move the cursor to choose the inference which makes it planar with the main face, or type in a rotation angle in degrees…


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