Fold a rectangle (2D or 3D) along a specific line at a specified angle towards the original surface

Fold_Test_.skp (1.1 MB)
Please help me to fold/bend the rectangular shapes along the line marked at 33mm upwards to a particular angle e.g. 30 degrees. (surface A towards surface B without changing the original dimensions.`See skp file.
Can the same method be used for simple rectangle (2D) and also after push/pull?

Tried the method suggested by g.h.hubers.
Creating folded rectangular shapes
But I was unable to select the direction and resulted in weird shapes,
Thank you
P.S: Using Sketchup Make 2016

Something like this?

Fold_Test_fixed.skp (1,2 MB)

Thank you. But I could not open.

I will install the trial Pro version to open. In the meantime is it possible to guideme through text or animation graphic here?

Just checking this is what you are wanting to do.

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Sorry, not behind my computer anymore.
You can also use an extension called “eneroth open newer version” to open my file, or use SketchUp Free online…
What I did is just select the right rectangle and rotated it 30 degrees upward.
This is all basic techniques in SketchUp.
Go to to learn how to use SketchUp.

Hi Box,
Yes. Indeed. I saw your animation at

But it didn’t work for me. Is it due to old version I have?

No, that should still work for you.
You need to understand how to set the angle of rotation of the rotate tool, in that gif I was using click and drag to set the angle to follow the edge. For your shape you only need to set it to green, which can be done in many ways, I think the left arrow works in 2016, but you can also adjust your viewing angle so the tool turns green, then hold shift to lock it, or as in the other gif, click and drag along the line and it will turn green, then rotate it.

I always tried the click and drag as in gif. Even after selecting the folding area, it was not possible to set the plane to green. (even with left arrow) But with your suggestion trick of changing the view, managed to fold the 2d shape. Thanks for the tip.

But still struggling to fold the 3D shape. Is it possible with the same method?
´Workaround by using the 2D, fold and then push-pull worked. But direct folding 3D would be nice.

One simple way is to group part of the geometry so you can rotate it without distortion.
Bend 3d

Thank you.