Sketchy-edge styles problem

I use few my personal styles I’ve created in previous Style Builder versions (2016).
Today I would like to modify some of this style, and was trying to open that in Style builder.
There is the information, that the file is not a sketchu-edge style, and Style Builder can’t open this file.
Half of the styles I’m using in sketchup I can’t edit and open.
What can I do with that?
The styles works perfectly in Sketchup 2019 , but they can;t be open in Style builder why???
Thank You in advance for some help.

Can you share one or two of the .style files that won’t open so we can check them out?

Hi Dave.
The styles was downloaded from sketchupartists and some of them was modified a little.
Please check this style:
My Style builder can’t open that, but I’ve opened that before on 2016 Style Buidler.


ps. I’m trying to open the files from:
C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\Styles
I can find all the styles there.

Well, as the message indicates, that style doesn’t contain any sketchy edges. It’s the native line style with edge color set to white and a couple of watermark images. Nothing in there for Style Builder to work with.


An easy way to tell if a style has sketchy edges is in the appearance of the Edge settings when editing the style in SketchUp. Compare the above with the following.

As for opening it previously in Style Builder, perhaps it was a different style that did have sketchy edges. Style builder is only designed to work with sketchy edges in the form of png stroke images. It doesn’t do anything with regular old SketchUp edges or watermarks.

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Ok, that’s true. Thanks a lot!

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